Designed by doctors for doctors.

Time is precious, use it for what matters the most - your patient’s well being.

Rid yourself of the stacks of cards and papers you currently have to fill in and carry.

Research has already proven the inefficiency and error-prone quality of paper charting compared to the electronic medical health record system.

RVU Capture is the complete solution for physicians, advanced care providers, hospitals, residents and medical billing companies.


We help physicians improve revenue, save time, prevent errors.


Doctors have an easy way to create and manage visits and encounters and register new patients.


Clerks have an easy way to create and manage visits, edit encounters, pull reports.


Billers have an easy way to extract all the info needed for creating the superbill.

Main Features & Benefits

OCR Label Scan*

Rid yourself of the stacks of cards or papers

See all the patients visits and handoff to your colleagues

* Feature is in beta test and available only at selected hospitals. We work closely with our clients to make it available for more facilities.

HIPAA Ready Cloud medical app

The app is built on top of HIPAA ready technology. RVU Capture is using HIPAA ready cloud technology and server. The information is securely stored and propagated to your group members. Our lead architect has an extensive background in security.

iOS, Android and web ready

RVU Capture is a native iOS and Android app. We also provide a web interface for clerks and billing.

Back-office support

Your backend staff can add new patients, review data and edit if needed within the WebApp portal.

Cloud patient management

Patient demographics, CPT® codes, ICD codes, notes, face sheets, pictures, are all uploaded to our secure cloud. Everything is live synced, and everyone has access to the same info.

Eliminate the frustrating inefficiencies of patient face-sheets and index cards.

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