Main Features & Benefits

Simple, honest, affordable pricing.

Priced to solve your problems and not to break the bank. We’ve included all the features in both plans.

Monthly Annual
Office Billing Staff Free*

Complete access - to captured charges
Add patients - via web, instantly synced to everyone
Reporting - dynamic reporting engine allows you to drill down into all your data
Modify charges - via web to properly code

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Cloud Sync
Synchronization of App Data with our HIPAA ready Cloud Web App.
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Unlimited data check_box check_box
Secure messaging check_box check_box
Media and Face sheet capture
Instantly capture and upload face sheets via your device's camera.
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OCR Label Scan
Feature is in beta testa and available only at selected hospitals. We work closely with our clients to make it available for more facilities.
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No backup worries
With Cloud technology, your data is instantly there on any new device
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iOS & Android
We support both platforms
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$69 99
$59 99

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*For every 5 users you'll get one free staff account

RVU Capture®requires a subscription for each user. If you pay monthly that is $69.99. If you pay annually ($719.88) you'll get a ~17% discount.