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We are a complete solution for doctors, clerks and billers. We offer a mobile app for physicians to keep track of their visits, encounters and patients. We also offer the web platform solution for clerks and billers to generate visits, reports and pull the info for the superbill.

You can sign up at: If you are a doctor, after you sign up, install the app and log in with your email and password. You can also join by invitation. If one of your colleagues invite you to join, simply follow the instructions in the invitation email

At this moment, you can’t use the app without network coverage.

Each user will be a part of at least one group of professionals. Each group will consist of doctors, clerks and billers.

Groups are the team you are working with in a specific facility. When you want to see other doctor’s activities or assign them to visits, you invite them to the group.

A visit is reflecting the period a patient is admitted in the hospital or facility you are working in. Under each visit, you can create encounters with that patient (each time you see the patient during its stay in the medical facility, you will be able to add CPT codes, modifiers and ICD-10 codes).

Each time you or the clerk will create a new visit, you will be first asked for the MRN. The system will check to see if the MRN is associated with a different patient and let you know.

Once you open the app, you will be redirected to the Visits screen. Here, you will see:

  • The visits assigned to you - Mine tab
  • The group’s visits - Group tab
  • Inactive visits for all the patients that were discharged from the medical facility - Inactive tab

Here you will see all the active visits assigned to all your group’s members in the selected facility.

When a patient is discharged, you can edit its status to inactive. You will see the visit associated with that patient under the Inactive tab.

Sure. You can do this either when you register or when you sign in, from the menu. Each facility is tied to the group. When you change the group, you will see a different list of facilities.

You can add as many facilities as you want.

You can add facesheets from the mobile app when you create or edit visits.

You can add labels when you create a visit. Our OCR will take the information from the label and populate the Visit Info screen with them.

We will activate the OCR system per location. Tell us what location you need to have the OCR activated and send us few examples of labels you are using there.

If you have more documents to upload for a specific encounter you can do this from the Attachments tab under the Encounters menu.

To add a new patient, access My Patients under the menu and follow the instructions there. Please note that every time you create a new visit for a new patient in a specific facility, it will be saved under My Patients.

To add a new visit, access Visits under the menu and click on the + sign. You can choose to either scan a label or to fill in the Visit’s info manually. Click on save and your visit is ready

To assign a group member to a visit, go to Assign to under the Visit info tab and click on Assign to a new provider. Please remember that after you add a new member to a visit, you can’t remove it anymore. You can remove only yourself from a visit.

To add a new encounter to a visit, go to the Encounters tab under the Visits and click on the + sign.

To submit your encounters for billing, long press on each encounter or just swipe over each encounter.

Reports are visible only on the web platform. Click on the menu and access the Reports tab.

You can use the RVU Capture app on any iPhone and Android phones. You can access the web platform from any computer or tablet.

You can send invitations to clerks and billers and they will be able to work on your visits and encounters. You can’t assign visits to clerks and billers.

You can be a member of an unlimited number of groups.

To create a new group, go to your menu and click on Create new group. Follow the instructions.

Our app and platform are HIPAA Compliant

If you forgot your password, just click on Forgot Password when you try to log in. If you want to change your password, go to My Account under the Menu and follow the instructions.

For any issues that you have, please don’t hesitate to contact us by email.

If you want your team members to view your visits, invite them to your group. All your visits will be visible to them, but not your encounters with the patients.

No, patients don’t have access to the app.

When you create an encounter, you will have the option to add a new procedure. Click on it and search for the desired CPT code. After you add a CPT code, you will be able to add modifiers and ICD-10 codes to it.

Your clerks or billers can generate the information needed for the superbill from the web platform. Just go to the Visits, Billable tab and click on View info for superbill.

Reports can be generated from the web platform, from Menu, reports tab.

No, at the moment, you can’t use the app without an internet connection.